The Northeast Farmers Market has special events during the 2017 season! These dates are definitely worth marking your calendars for.

May 20th – Opening Day & Foodie 4 Mile

Join us as we celebrate Opening Day and the 5th annual Foodie 4 Mile Fun Run- A fundraiser for the Northeast Farmers Market and TC Food Justice! Register early for the Foodie HERE!

August 12th - The Raptor Center will be joining us on Saturday, August 12th from 10:00am-12:00pm! This will be an informal educational experience where market-goers can ask questions and learn one-on-one with raptor specialists, take photos, or just relax and watch the raptors.

--Three live raptors on display such as an owl, hawk, and falcon
--Two raptor education specialists
--Hands-on teaching tools such as feathers, wings, skulls, and feet
--One-on-one question opportunities for learners
--Excellent close-up photo opportunities

August 19th - Corn and Brat Feed

No one can resist the barbecue aromas of roasted vendor sweet corn and grilled brats from Kramarczuk's. This gathering honors the peak of summer and the community spirit of the Market. Located in the parking lot of St. Boniface Church on University Ave and 7th Ave NE.